RGU Anime first official session of term 2017/2018

Hi everyone, the themes for this semester the themes are Stuck in a game, Super Heros and Epic Meca.
Stuck in a game

-Log Horizon

Log horizon

Super Hero
-Darker than Black

darker than black
-Tiger and Bunny


Epic Mecha
-Gurran Lagan

gurren lagan


After watching the first episode of each series within the categories we held a vote and the winners where as followed:

For stuck in a game it was overlord

For Superheros it was tiger and bunny

And finally for Epic mech it was Gargantia


Last Meeting of the Year 2016-17!

20170430_174410Today was our final meeting of the academic year! It was also my last anime meeting ever as President! It’s been 3 years; it’s gone by so quick! Thank you to all those who have come and gone, I hope your time was enjoyable – thank you to those who made my time as President worthwhile. I am proud to have run this society~img1493591292530Thank you so much for the card and chocolate too! *sentimental feels~*

Back to business! We watched a lot of random stuff today so if any of it interested you here is the list:

We finally finished Jormungand both seasons! This following re-cap of the last episodes is brought to you courtesy of your wonderful Vice-Kaichou (and future Kaichou-san of 2017-18!) Georgina:

After kidnapping Leila and fleeing into the woods near the Cuban border, Koko’s team find themselves against the Night Nine, she makes use of her new system to hack into the U.S military to feed their false information which then guides them near a Cuban base, providing an opening for her team to escape.
Koko convinces​ Leila to work for her and she finally reveals to Jonah and the others the truth behind her plans, koko says that the quantum supercomputer and HCLI’s satellite network together form the Jomungand system, which she will use to take control of the world to prevent further wars.
[gg] Jormungand - 24 [A73EC2D0].mkv_snapshot_03.48_[2017.05.01_00.15.30]
She also confirms that her next step is to make use of Jomungand to impose a worldwide aerial blockade, disabling all civilian and military aircraft along with all air weaponry.
However, after koko reveals that all air planes in mid-air will inevitably crash when that happens, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, Jonah can’t follow her and flees and joins Kasper’s​ team, then two years pass and koko still hasn’t activated Jormungand, wars have spread throughout the world, as koko predicted.
[gg] Jormungand - 24 [A73EC2D0].mkv_snapshot_07.11_[2017.05.01_00.15.44]
Kasper agrees to protect koko instead of stopping her as she launches into orbit a compact version of the quantum supercomputer, there for putting it out of reach from her enemies.
[gg] Jormungand - 24 [A73EC2D0].mkv_snapshot_14.44_[2017.05.01_00.13.31]
Kasper let’s Jonah leave his team and after four days he finds Koko’s team in Azerbaijan, after welcoming him back koko activates Jormungand.
[gg] Jormungand - 24 [A73EC2D0].mkv_snapshot_19.17_[2017.05.01_00.14.11]


Review of Jormungand series

Now for my review…[gg] Jormungand - 24 [A73EC2D0].mkv_snapshot_23.22_[2017.05.01_00.14.24]Overall many agreed that Jormungand had potential but did not strike the balance between serious good plot and light hearted violent humour (an oxymoron maybe?). It had many ideas but the ending felt a bit like a cop out and the progression on the plot sometimes stagnated or did not flow as well as it could do. Jonah, being the “main” protagonist did not have enough character development for my liking and Koko’s kooky character, genius connections and philosophical world view on guns, violence, war and politics wasn’t enough to save face. Also not enough people died on her team to be realistic! I give the sum of the series a 6/10.

I will now go over briefly everything we watched with a picture and short description of what the series is about (selling point!) so I can convince you to watch these at home and over the summer if you haven’t seen it already!

Keroro-gunsoKeroro Gunsou is a classic this frog is the leader of the Space Invasion Army Special Tactics Platoon; that’s all you need to know! It’s a fun silly series with cute frogs – what more could you want! XD

carnival phantasmCarnival Phantasm is a parody series based off Fate Stay Night and is one of those series that stands well on its own outwith the original series its based on! It’s fun, kooky and all round fun so even if you’re not a fan of the original series (which are too many to count) you can still enjoy this!

[9anime.to] Noragami - 01 - 720p.mp4_snapshot_11.19_[2017.05.01_00.10.30]Noragami is one of my favourite anime series! There are already 2 seasons out and the third possibly coming later this year! It is about this girl who after an car accident has a problem…her soul keeps slipping out of her body! She makes a wish to the Yato god (a piss poor god trying to make money to build his won shrine and following but does odd jobs in sweats) and the story blossoms from there. It is a series that does a good job on fantasy story lines which are consistent, humour and serious human issues that affect the soul~

[_KissAnime] Kiseijuu_ Sei no Kakuritsu - 1 - 720p.mp4_snapshot_00.23_[2017.05.01_00.11.55]Kiseijuu (Parassyte), when it came out was very popular for good reason. It explores many great themes that may seem sci-fi at first but are based in biology, evolution, symbiotic relationships and the complex nature of human beings. A boy and an alien become attached (literally) and through their odd but “necessary” living arrangment find out more about humans and the species from hence the alien is a part of and how basic biology vs complex emotional connections drive survival in this compelling sci-fi series! (Don’t be put off by the occasional violence, it is not gratuitous~)

Another Ep.01.mp4_snapshot_04.45_[2017.05.01_00.05.13]Another is a mystery game of who is the dead classmate – if you don’t figure it out you might not survive to see the end of the school year! That is the basic premise behind this undead series where a class is cursed with having a past student return from the grave but everyone’s memories are rewritten making it impossible for them to know who it is. This dead person’s presence causes students in that class or their first degree relatives to die in creative ways. The protagonist is a transfer student who had grown up in the area, moved but come back; he and the creepy girl with the eye patch must figure out the mystery before its too late for this class~

[9anime.to] Mob Psycho 100 - 01 - 720p.mp4_snapshot_21.10_[2017.05.01_00.07.25]Mob Psycho 100 is nothing like One Punch Man. Thought to get that out of the way. They might share similar animation styles but essentially have different story lines and approach to the characters. Mob Psycho 100 is a crazy fun action series about a Psychic middle schooler called Mob who is very powerful but very naive – the rest of the story go watch it (it really can’t be explained but you won’t regret it “^^).

[HorribleSubs] Level E - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_16.50_[2017.05.01_00.09.25]Level E is also quite inexplicable; it has a Gintama feel to its story telling (i.e it barely makes sense and is full of slapstick humour) so if that’s your thing and you like pretty aliens with blonde hair and…other stuff this is for you! XD

2017-05-01 (3)Garden of Sinners is brought to you by the Producers and Director of Fate Stay/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works. These mini movies are beautiful in graphics; we managed to watch the first chapter – Overlooking View which was enchantingly haunting and full of “pretty school girls going splat” (that’s how I chirpily described it at least “^^); it explores suicide, spiritual influences and other elements that did not make exact sense at the time but apparently do become clearer with the rest of the films so these works cannot completely stand on their own as there is a back story running through them but it was visually lovely (though depressing) to watch. If you’re a melancholic who likes blood and metaphors between flying and floating this is for you~

[HorribleSubs] Osomatsu-san - Ouma de Kobanashi - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.29_[2017.04.30_23.36.13]This Osomatsu-san special (from the 2015-16 re-make series) was the light-hearted humourous finish we needed for the session! This picture really says it all…the humour and art style really brightens up anyone’s day XD! A must watch comedy series, a re-make done right! (give time to the original series too!)

This will be my final post as Kaichou (President) so here are my farewells~

satsuki leaderI’d like to think that I was feared and loved (yes like Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill la Kill) at the same time as a fierce but cute leader for the past 3 years. You guys have made me laugh, made me worried and made me tear up ever so slightly~

This is goodbye…dramatic farewellFarewell…anime ugly crySayonara~kawai cry

I trust that you guys will continue the legacy of the society and keep it a fun and therapeutic place to hang out, make friends and share the power of anime! Until then go forth and never stop watching~

satsuki fierceUntil forever, Your Kaichou-san, Caroline ^^

AGM Sunday! Re-cap and Announcements 23/04/17

[gg] Jormungand - 21 [E396BA2D].mkv_snapshot_09.07_[2017.04.24_19.29.37]So you may have noticed there was no blog post last week…in my absence on Easter Sunday 16/04/17 it appears many of the members were drunk the night before and failed to come in >_> those who came have graciously received Easter eggs and we continued our normal schedule this past Sunday instead with the addition of our AGM!

This is my last year as Kaichou (President) so a whole new committee is here! We got through the boring but necessary parts and the people have volunteered and voted!

anime gorup

Our new committee members are:

President: Georgina Turner

Vice-President: Kara Hunter
Secretary: Anja Nielsen
Treasurer: Thomas Johnston (hopefully will be Owain Jones in the new academic year once he’s an official RGU student)

I leave the society in their capable hands~

anime party

As for what we watched the consensus was Genshiken was very polarising and a slight majority appear to dislike the series significantly so it has been dropped!

We finished Michiko to Hatchin! So here is my full review on it:

Michiko to Hatchin Review:

Michiko to Hatchin was a rollar coaster of poor parenting, police corruption, abuse and adventure; the consensus was that it could have been shorter and often character development seemed stagnant. But I’m from the old-school and personally I loved it regardless; the reckless behaviour, story line (though occasionally erratic) and non fairy tale ending puts this anime series in my good books.

Michiko to Hatchin-20.mp4_snapshot_09.02_[2017.04.24_19.54.40]As Hatchin has been held hostage by Satoshi who is on the run from his own gang organisation as an internal feud between him and his long time insane friend and high  ranking gang member, Shinsuke, battle it out to see who is on top. Before this Satoshi bares his humanity to little Hatchin about his relationship with her father, Hiroshi and we realise how similar Satoshi and Michiko’s love for is – though Hatchin thinks they’re both wrong about her father she has yet to have met properly. Michiko to Hatchin-20.mp4_snapshot_18.43_[2017.04.24_19.46.04]Satoshi with his skills wins the unfair battle (it was him against…a lot), clearly Shinsuke is a coward but also somewhat a dear friend but in the end is drowned by Satoshi in a bucket (inspired by Shinsuke himself when they were young gang teens).Michiko to Hatchin-21.mp4_snapshot_12.10_[2017.04.24_19.47.34]Michiko is hot on their trail as Satoshi continued to hold Hatchin hostage and tried to find her father using some local amaetur gang. Michiko caused such chaos on her journey (ruined police cars, scared circus freak show people at the fair grounds); but the police are no saints themselves as one shoots an innocent civilian by accident and they pin the blame on Michiko!Michiko to Hatchin-21.mp4_snapshot_18.47_[2017.04.24_19.48.29]In the end Hatchin is rescued and the amateur gang discover Satoshi’s identity and take him out (they really were amateurs though which was the sad irony of it all – they couldn’t even shoot a sniper rifle right and had to finish him off at close range!)Michiko to Hatchin-21.mp4_snapshot_20.22_[2017.04.24_19.48.39]The police caught up meanwhile but Hatchin and Michiko didn’t go without a fight!Michiko to Hatchin-22.mp4_snapshot_03.59_[2017.04.24_19.50.21]In the end they caught up to Hiroshi – in a cliche train platform scene where he pulls out the smooth talk (like the terrible guy we truly know him to be). Michiko to Hatchin-22.mp4_snapshot_09.27_[2017.04.24_19.51.18]In the end Michiko left Hatchin with Hiroshi – as she promised her blonde afroed police childhood friend, Atsuko (the savviest woman in this series!) that she’d return to prison after doing so. Hatchin is devastated as they part but Michiko promises to meet one day in the future~

We are forwarded to the future with a grown Hatchin (probably late teens, early twenties) with a baby! She has a terrible haircut and a restless dark skinned red haired child with the toothiest grin.Michiko to Hatchin-22.mp4_snapshot_15.24_[2017.04.24_19.52.26]Clearly things didn’t pan out with Hatchin and her father who ran off with his new lover shortly after attempting to bond with Hatchin in their new life together (as expected from a useless man who runs from all his problems – Hatchin knew his true nature all along!) However she seems happy with her new life as a single mother, getting by. She attempted to write letters to Michiko in prison and in time she received anonymous packages and letters with from an anonymous sender.

She traced out the route on a map the packages hinted at and went off an adventure as she knew who was behind all this…Michiko to Hatchin-22.mp4_snapshot_16.58_[2017.04.24_19.53.18]She meets Michiko at the end of her route and they’re ready to start a new adventure together!Michiko to Hatchin-22.mp4_snapshot_22.05_[2017.04.24_19.53.45]I highly appreciated the realistic ending. Hatchin really was poorly raised from an abusive foster family to the complicated loving and abusive relationship with Michiko. All the characters in the series were damaged people who were the products of ruthless and unloving childhoods, they all made their own decisions and took their won turns. Hatchin becoming a single mother was a probable outcome having never seen a stable relationship but idolising the mother-daughter one she shared with Michiko those years ago. In the end they are all flawed human beings and if this anime taught us something it is the importance of giving children healthy childhoods!


End of Review~


[gg] Jormungand - 20 [D7F99C9C].mkv_snapshot_02.16_[2017.04.24_19.29.04]Koko has a plan that no one but the scientists involved seem to know about; she about to shake things up and change the world as we know it!…we think? All we know is it involves female scientists who happen to specialise in quantum optics, physics and robotics hardware…hmm?

We proceeded to fill in the time with suggested series…I know we’ve watched Episode of Arakawa Under the Bridge before but I like it! The humour does seem to go over many of your heads though and one found the Kappa scarring…(really?). It is simply about eccentric characters who live under a bridge and the adventures they get up to centered around this rich boy and highly narcissistic, Ko who hates owing people and the pretty but probably clinically insane girl “from Venus” Nino. [Nutbladder] Arakawa Under the Bridge 01 [2fabd769].mkv_snapshot_05.24_[2017.04.24_19.34.11]

It clearly was not as scarring as the next suggestion…Mysterious Girlfriend X! Funny enough there a very psoitive reviews for this on MAL but beware they are the same site that had good reviews for Simoun and all my members are still scarred…All I can say is if you’re queasy with bodily fluids (read: saliva) you should Not watch this! [GotSpeed] Nazo no Kanojo X - 01 [10bit][41427275].mkv_snapshot_19.37_[2017.04.24_19.32.58]

Ai Mai Mi was a short we banged on at the end before leaving…how did this get 3 seasons of 13 episodes?! We will never know…just watch it for yourself (not as scarring as Mysterios Girlfriend X)[HorribleSubs] Ai-Mai-Mi - 01 [480p].mkv_snapshot_00.29_[2017.04.24_19.30.17]


kuroshitsuji partyLast Anime Meeting Sunday 30th April (and my last meeting ever as Kaichou!) so please come – we will be finishing off Jormungand Perfect Order then have random play the rest of the time!

Until Next Time Minna, Ja ne~

Student Achievement Awards Ball 2017!

saab-2017The SAAB 2017 was this past Saturday 22nd April at the Double Tree Treetop Hilton Hotel. We were nominated for Most Improved Society but unfortunately did not win (come on Union 3 years in a row nominated and not a win?) – well we had fun and honestly we don’t run Anime for accolades but for the social fun and the joy of sharing anime! (And the food of course~)

This was my last SAAB and I think my best one yet! I have put up the pictures on Facebook group already but here are a few here to commemorate on the blog. They contain your future elected committee members as well!



Cheers to a wonderful last year as Anime Kaichou~

Sunday Re-cap and Announcements 02/04/17

Hello everyone, it was a nice and relaxed Sunday this week, (it usually is) we continued on with the series that we have been watching so far and we will not be running next week since it is Easter break and everyone will want to be home, also sorry about the changing of rooms (again), this time it was the unions fault and not gaming’s

this week we started off with Michiko to Hatchin and Michiko goes to pick up the fake passports she that she is getting a shady seller, when she goes to pay for them  she finds out that she was pickpocketed on the way there, she tries to take the passports without pay, but is captured. Meanwhile Hatchin goes out to find Michiko she gets lost and is found by a Chinese opera singer named Nei Feng-Yi. Nei decideds to help Hatchin find Michiko, Nei finds Michiko but he first must agree to a challenge to get her back, he is blindfolded and tied to a rope with Michiko , Nei runs across a steel beam off of the roof to decide his fate. Michiko manages to break free while pulling Nei up onto the steel beam, and they win

they then happen upon a mister, who was one of Hiroshi’s old business associates, Michiko becomes sad when she finds out that Hiroshi had not mentioned her at all. However, as a favor for Hatchin, Feliciano contacts Michiko, convincing her that he met Hiroshi at a bar, where Hiroshi turned down a part in the soap opera but mentioned great things about her, Michiko is happy to hear this, Satoshi has a run-in with Heike, but he manages to escape before Shinsuke arrives.Meanwhile, Michiko and Hatchin manage to hop on a freight train bound for Goiana, being able to hide from Ricardo’s sharp eyes. On the freight train, Atsuko tries to negotiate with Michiko, offering a passport that would be her ticket to freedom, while Hatchin attempts to reason with Satoshi, who is looking for Hiroshi as well. Shinsuke’s subordinate Chas drives in front of the freight train, causing a detrimental crash on the railroad tracks. After Satoshi takes Michiko’s scooter and drives off with Hatchin in tow, Michiko reaches for Atsuko’s gun tossed aside in desperation, but not long before taking hits from Atsuko.

Next was Jormungand-Perfect Order

In Jakarta, Kasper and his team find themselves once again outsmarted by a rival Japanese company, and he decides to take the fight to them with Koko’s help. While Koko and her party travel to Japan, Kasper sends a message to the Japanese company by having some of their men killed. When Koko meets with her brother in Japan, Jonah asks Kasper to show him how the three children he asked to give shelter are doing. Kasper brings Jonah to the dormitory where the three are living, but Jonah decides to not meet them, being satisfied for just knowing they are doing well. Kasper then returns to Jakarta, Tojo debriefs his comrades at the Narita International Airport and informs them that the SR Unit is responsible for harassing Kasper’s operations in Southeast Asia. He also informs them that the unit was created due to American requests during the Vietnam War, which evolved into a dummy corporation named Ganville Trading. Hinoki informs Koko of a rendezvous point for the two parties to meet with the pretense of discussing a mutual agreement, but Koko warns her team to prepare themselves for the worst.  Now knowing that the enemy set a trap to them, Kasper and his squad make their way to evacuate, confronting the SR Unit commandos along the way. Jonah escapes death after informing Koko that the supposed rendezvous point was empty at Tokyo Bay Aqua Line’s Umihotaru, avoiding an ambush after Tojo finds him. Koko and the others were able to get away, managing to defeat the remaining SR Unit operatives. In a flashback, Tojo remembers leaving the SR Unit because the unit was turning its back on its Cuban agents during a black operation, which made Tojo resign after returning to Jakarta. This eventually led to his recruitment to HCLI under Kasper before he joined up with Koko.

Finally we watched Genshiken, sadly for the members of Genshiken, there lack of “activities” as defined by the school, the club is threatened with closure but there salvation comes from the highly unlikely source of Kasukabe, she fights to save the club as she doesn’t want Makoto  joining the creepy manga club but she then joins there club as blackmail from the pres as it would be bad for her reputaion if people found out how hard she worked to keep the club goingFullscreen capture 03042017 135323then poor  Kasukabe tries to make herself more appealing to Kohsaka by taking an interest in his hobbies by trying to learn how to play Puyo Pop Fever. Sasahara’s sister Keiko also makes an appearance and calls on her brother for help. Two freshmen take an interest in Genshiken and join them for a night out on the town. Kasukabe, however, has no intention of making them feel welcome. Fullscreen capture 03042017 140031.jpg


We raised £51 during the Ghibli Film Week, so well done you guys, also remember that anime will not be on next week as it is Easter Break and a lot of you guys will probably be going home for the week, so enjoy your self’s and eat as much chocolate as you can (your dentists will appreciate it) 😉

Sunday Re-cap and Announcements 27/03/17

[HorribleSubs] Boku dake ga Inai Machi - 01 [480p].mkv_snapshot_15.29_[2017.03.27_09.21.41]Hey minna, thanks to the gaming completathon coupled with the clocks moving forward AND being mother’s day most of you (almost all) were out of action…so we just had random play today and finished early instead! We will resume as normal next week~

We watched:

For those present I think Re-zero (release last year 2016) presented the most interest but Erased which was also released last year was extremely popular and well received so if you haven’t watched either you should!

[HorribleSubs] Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - 01B [480p].mkv_snapshot_05.09_[2017.03.27_09.22.54]

Funnily enough both have an essence of the main character having the ability to do over tragic events but in very different circumstances and happenings…anyhow not to give it away these are must watched!

[HorribleSubs] Boku dake ga Inai Machi - 01 [480p].mkv_snapshot_20.19_[2017.03.27_09.23.40]

Murder murder everywhere~

Higashi no Eden is simply a classic with 2 movies as well the TV series; so if you haven’t seen this mystery, romcom anime series you should!

[gg] Eden of the East - 01 [C9E23B74].mkv_snapshot_06.12_[2017.03.27_09.24.39]

BTW you can donate to the charity Gaming was doing the Completathon for – Whizz-Kidz – just donate on their justgiving page here!


Last Ghibli Film Night

Ghibli Nights poster-page-001

We are having our last Ghibli Film night this Friday 31st March at 7PM  in N242 in the SIWB. The film being screened is Princess Mononoke – please come and donate any amount of money to Cash for Kidz!



SAAB stands for Student Achievement Awards Ball so get used to it! Those wanting to go should notify our Vice-Kaichou-san, Georgina so that we can make a table for the Society. You can tell her in person or on Facebook. Tickets are £35, it’s on Saturday 22nd April at the Double Treetops Hilton Hotel – formal event with three course meal, some free table alcohol, rides to the venue etc. All info at this link~


vote for me

AGM will be held on April 23rd so be there or be square! What is an AGM? Well it’s where I tell you guys what we’ve done in the past year, how we’ve spent your money, what we’ve raised and most importantly where we pick new committee members. I am graduating so it’s time for a new Kaichou-san!

Mother’s Day


Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day for those who celebrated with theirs!


Sunday Re-cap and Announcements 19/03/17

Hi everyone, sorry about the change in rooms again, this we we started our new anime for Seinen we are watching Genshiken, we are continuing on with Michiko to Hatchin and we start the 2nd season of Jormungand

So this week we started off with Michiko to Hatchin and Satoshi has now hired assassins to kill the 3 people that are causing him trouble, they just so happen to be Atsuko, the crazy guy that made Michiko go tram hopping and of course Michiko her self, the first guy he hired was meant to go and kill the crazy guy but them decided on Michiko without telling Satoshi, another guy was sent to kill her…..but it seems that neither of the assassins could kill or be killed in that caseFullscreen capture 19032017 205732.jpg

Then Hatchin meets a guy and he falling in love with her the second he sees her, sadly for him though Hatchin doesn’t feel the same way, not until the end anyway but the poor guy can’t remember anything for very long day because of some deb-re from a gas explosion hitting him on the head, so poor Hatchin will remember him  and there fun few days together but he won’t Fullscreen capture 19032017 211954.jpg

Next they get to the giant tomato farm to find her lover but they end up meeting his new one instead, Michiko isn’t happy with news and gets physical with the new girlfriend but then the new girl gets physical with Michiko…but in a different wayFullscreen capture 19032017 212615.jpg

but then Atsuko shows up to arrest Michiko (again) and the new girlfriend helps then escape and tells them where Hiroshi has ran off to this time but she also tells Atsuko so she doesn’t get in trouble with the police

Next up was Jormungand-Perfect Order and in the new season people actually die this time, First Karen Low in now works for Doctor Minami Amada’s as her secretary and when Koko and Doc Amada meet up for some business things get tense with Valmet and Karen come face to face again, but Koko and Doc Amada put a quick stop to that

Fullscreen capture 20032017 111115Fullscreen capture 20032017 111133

Then we find out the R is a spy for Bookman , aka George Black and has been keeping a eye on Koko and Bookman wants to have her under his thumb and use her but one of his people sees Koko as a threat and wants her dead so she trys to kill Koko, but as we know that never ends well for the people who try to kill Koko

R discovers this plan and trys to stop it, he saves Koko and Jonah but in the end he pays for it with his life, before he fights Hex, the crazed killer after Koko he tells Koko that he is the spy and will leave once this is over, Koko isn’t happy about that and wants him to stay, she won’t tell the others as long as he stays, but sadly he can’t do that, not anymore anyway

Koko is furious and upset about the death of R and that Hex managed to escape with only her eye missing, so Koko did what Koko does and to revenge on her fallen comrade by blowing Hex up with bombs

and a not to happy Bookman as he has now lost his 2 best people or his ” right and left arms” as he liked to call him, but he is still determined as ever to get Koko to work for him, one way or another

Finally we have our new Seinen, Genshiken and we see poor Saki trying to understand the ways of the otaku so that she can better understand Makoto, so she decides to go to the only place she knows she can get help and that is The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, they try to help her but she still thinks it’s weird but in the end Makoto and Saki kiss and are now dating, how cuteFullscreen capture 20032017 200808

Next the group go to a sort off comic con and have the time of there life’s getting as much dirty manga they can get there hands on (and can afford)

and finally we meet a new member to the society, this time its a girl and she like to cosplay, much to Souichirou’s enjoyment as he now has someone who he can make cosplay for but once again Saki doesn’t understand why someone would like this kind of stuff especially a girl but never the less she try’s to understand it


Ghibli Film Nights

Remember that Spirited Away is being shown this Friday in room N242 in SIWB at 7PMGhibli Nights poster-page-001

 Student Achievement Awards Nominations


Also reminder to everyone that the Student Achievement Awards Nominations close this Friday 24th March – so if you haven’t already nominated the society. please do!