Last Meeting of the Year 2016-17!

20170430_174410Today was our final meeting of the academic year! It was also my last anime meeting ever as President! It’s been 3 years; it’s gone by so quick! Thank you to all those who have come and gone, I hope your time was enjoyable – thank you to those who made my time as President worthwhile. I am proud to have run this society~img1493591292530Thank you so much for the card and chocolate too! *sentimental feels~*

Back to business! We watched a lot of random stuff today so if any of it interested you here is the list:

We finally finished Jormungand both seasons! This following re-cap of the last episodes is brought to you courtesy of your wonderful Vice-Kaichou (and future Kaichou-san of 2017-18!) Georgina:

After kidnapping Leila and fleeing into the woods near the Cuban border, Koko’s team find themselves against the Night Nine, she makes use of her new system to hack into the U.S military to feed their false information which then guides them near a Cuban base, providing an opening for her team to escape.
Koko convinces​ Leila to work for her and she finally reveals to Jonah and the others the truth behind her plans, koko says that the quantum supercomputer and HCLI’s satellite network together form the Jomungand system, which she will use to take control of the world to prevent further wars.
[gg] Jormungand - 24 [A73EC2D0].mkv_snapshot_03.48_[2017.05.01_00.15.30]
She also confirms that her next step is to make use of Jomungand to impose a worldwide aerial blockade, disabling all civilian and military aircraft along with all air weaponry.
However, after koko reveals that all air planes in mid-air will inevitably crash when that happens, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, Jonah can’t follow her and flees and joins Kasper’s​ team, then two years pass and koko still hasn’t activated Jormungand, wars have spread throughout the world, as koko predicted.
[gg] Jormungand - 24 [A73EC2D0].mkv_snapshot_07.11_[2017.05.01_00.15.44]
Kasper agrees to protect koko instead of stopping her as she launches into orbit a compact version of the quantum supercomputer, there for putting it out of reach from her enemies.
[gg] Jormungand - 24 [A73EC2D0].mkv_snapshot_14.44_[2017.05.01_00.13.31]
Kasper let’s Jonah leave his team and after four days he finds Koko’s team in Azerbaijan, after welcoming him back koko activates Jormungand.
[gg] Jormungand - 24 [A73EC2D0].mkv_snapshot_19.17_[2017.05.01_00.14.11]


Review of Jormungand series

Now for my review…[gg] Jormungand - 24 [A73EC2D0].mkv_snapshot_23.22_[2017.05.01_00.14.24]Overall many agreed that Jormungand had potential but did not strike the balance between serious good plot and light hearted violent humour (an oxymoron maybe?). It had many ideas but the ending felt a bit like a cop out and the progression on the plot sometimes stagnated or did not flow as well as it could do. Jonah, being the “main” protagonist did not have enough character development for my liking and Koko’s kooky character, genius connections and philosophical world view on guns, violence, war and politics wasn’t enough to save face. Also not enough people died on her team to be realistic! I give the sum of the series a 6/10.

I will now go over briefly everything we watched with a picture and short description of what the series is about (selling point!) so I can convince you to watch these at home and over the summer if you haven’t seen it already!

Keroro-gunsoKeroro Gunsou is a classic this frog is the leader of the Space Invasion Army Special Tactics Platoon; that’s all you need to know! It’s a fun silly series with cute frogs – what more could you want! XD

carnival phantasmCarnival Phantasm is a parody series based off Fate Stay Night and is one of those series that stands well on its own outwith the original series its based on! It’s fun, kooky and all round fun so even if you’re not a fan of the original series (which are too many to count) you can still enjoy this!

[] Noragami - 01 - 720p.mp4_snapshot_11.19_[2017.05.01_00.10.30]Noragami is one of my favourite anime series! There are already 2 seasons out and the third possibly coming later this year! It is about this girl who after an car accident has a problem…her soul keeps slipping out of her body! She makes a wish to the Yato god (a piss poor god trying to make money to build his won shrine and following but does odd jobs in sweats) and the story blossoms from there. It is a series that does a good job on fantasy story lines which are consistent, humour and serious human issues that affect the soul~

[_KissAnime] Kiseijuu_ Sei no Kakuritsu - 1 - 720p.mp4_snapshot_00.23_[2017.05.01_00.11.55]Kiseijuu (Parassyte), when it came out was very popular for good reason. It explores many great themes that may seem sci-fi at first but are based in biology, evolution, symbiotic relationships and the complex nature of human beings. A boy and an alien become attached (literally) and through their odd but “necessary” living arrangment find out more about humans and the species from hence the alien is a part of and how basic biology vs complex emotional connections drive survival in this compelling sci-fi series! (Don’t be put off by the occasional violence, it is not gratuitous~)

Another Ep.01.mp4_snapshot_04.45_[2017.05.01_00.05.13]Another is a mystery game of who is the dead classmate – if you don’t figure it out you might not survive to see the end of the school year! That is the basic premise behind this undead series where a class is cursed with having a past student return from the grave but everyone’s memories are rewritten making it impossible for them to know who it is. This dead person’s presence causes students in that class or their first degree relatives to die in creative ways. The protagonist is a transfer student who had grown up in the area, moved but come back; he and the creepy girl with the eye patch must figure out the mystery before its too late for this class~

[] Mob Psycho 100 - 01 - 720p.mp4_snapshot_21.10_[2017.05.01_00.07.25]Mob Psycho 100 is nothing like One Punch Man. Thought to get that out of the way. They might share similar animation styles but essentially have different story lines and approach to the characters. Mob Psycho 100 is a crazy fun action series about a Psychic middle schooler called Mob who is very powerful but very naive – the rest of the story go watch it (it really can’t be explained but you won’t regret it “^^).

[HorribleSubs] Level E - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_16.50_[2017.05.01_00.09.25]Level E is also quite inexplicable; it has a Gintama feel to its story telling (i.e it barely makes sense and is full of slapstick humour) so if that’s your thing and you like pretty aliens with blonde hair and…other stuff this is for you! XD

2017-05-01 (3)Garden of Sinners is brought to you by the Producers and Director of Fate Stay/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works. These mini movies are beautiful in graphics; we managed to watch the first chapter – Overlooking View which was enchantingly haunting and full of “pretty school girls going splat” (that’s how I chirpily described it at least “^^); it explores suicide, spiritual influences and other elements that did not make exact sense at the time but apparently do become clearer with the rest of the films so these works cannot completely stand on their own as there is a back story running through them but it was visually lovely (though depressing) to watch. If you’re a melancholic who likes blood and metaphors between flying and floating this is for you~

[HorribleSubs] Osomatsu-san - Ouma de Kobanashi - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.29_[2017.04.30_23.36.13]This Osomatsu-san special (from the 2015-16 re-make series) was the light-hearted humourous finish we needed for the session! This picture really says it all…the humour and art style really brightens up anyone’s day XD! A must watch comedy series, a re-make done right! (give time to the original series too!)

This will be my final post as Kaichou (President) so here are my farewells~

satsuki leaderI’d like to think that I was feared and loved (yes like Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill la Kill) at the same time as a fierce but cute leader for the past 3 years. You guys have made me laugh, made me worried and made me tear up ever so slightly~

This is goodbye…dramatic farewellFarewell…anime ugly crySayonara~kawai cry

I trust that you guys will continue the legacy of the society and keep it a fun and therapeutic place to hang out, make friends and share the power of anime! Until then go forth and never stop watching~

satsuki fierceUntil forever, Your Kaichou-san, Caroline ^^


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