AGM Sunday! Re-cap and Announcements 23/04/17

[gg] Jormungand - 21 [E396BA2D].mkv_snapshot_09.07_[2017.04.24_19.29.37]So you may have noticed there was no blog post last week…in my absence on Easter Sunday 16/04/17 it appears many of the members were drunk the night before and failed to come in >_> those who came have graciously received Easter eggs and we continued our normal schedule this past Sunday instead with the addition of our AGM!

This is my last year as Kaichou (President) so a whole new committee is here! We got through the boring but necessary parts and the people have volunteered and voted!

anime gorup

Our new committee members are:

President: Georgina Turner

Vice-President: Kara Hunter
Secretary: Anja Nielsen
Treasurer: Thomas Johnston (hopefully will be Owain Jones in the new academic year once he’s an official RGU student)

I leave the society in their capable hands~

anime party

As for what we watched the consensus was Genshiken was very polarising and a slight majority appear to dislike the series significantly so it has been dropped!

We finished Michiko to Hatchin! So here is my full review on it:

Michiko to Hatchin Review:

Michiko to Hatchin was a rollar coaster of poor parenting, police corruption, abuse and adventure; the consensus was that it could have been shorter and often character development seemed stagnant. But I’m from the old-school and personally I loved it regardless; the reckless behaviour, story line (though occasionally erratic) and non fairy tale ending puts this anime series in my good books.

Michiko to Hatchin-20.mp4_snapshot_09.02_[2017.04.24_19.54.40]As Hatchin has been held hostage by Satoshi who is on the run from his own gang organisation as an internal feud between him and his long time insane friend and high  ranking gang member, Shinsuke, battle it out to see who is on top. Before this Satoshi bares his humanity to little Hatchin about his relationship with her father, Hiroshi and we realise how similar Satoshi and Michiko’s love for is – though Hatchin thinks they’re both wrong about her father she has yet to have met properly. Michiko to Hatchin-20.mp4_snapshot_18.43_[2017.04.24_19.46.04]Satoshi with his skills wins the unfair battle (it was him against…a lot), clearly Shinsuke is a coward but also somewhat a dear friend but in the end is drowned by Satoshi in a bucket (inspired by Shinsuke himself when they were young gang teens).Michiko to Hatchin-21.mp4_snapshot_12.10_[2017.04.24_19.47.34]Michiko is hot on their trail as Satoshi continued to hold Hatchin hostage and tried to find her father using some local amaetur gang. Michiko caused such chaos on her journey (ruined police cars, scared circus freak show people at the fair grounds); but the police are no saints themselves as one shoots an innocent civilian by accident and they pin the blame on Michiko!Michiko to Hatchin-21.mp4_snapshot_18.47_[2017.04.24_19.48.29]In the end Hatchin is rescued and the amateur gang discover Satoshi’s identity and take him out (they really were amateurs though which was the sad irony of it all – they couldn’t even shoot a sniper rifle right and had to finish him off at close range!)Michiko to Hatchin-21.mp4_snapshot_20.22_[2017.04.24_19.48.39]The police caught up meanwhile but Hatchin and Michiko didn’t go without a fight!Michiko to Hatchin-22.mp4_snapshot_03.59_[2017.04.24_19.50.21]In the end they caught up to Hiroshi – in a cliche train platform scene where he pulls out the smooth talk (like the terrible guy we truly know him to be). Michiko to Hatchin-22.mp4_snapshot_09.27_[2017.04.24_19.51.18]In the end Michiko left Hatchin with Hiroshi – as she promised her blonde afroed police childhood friend, Atsuko (the savviest woman in this series!) that she’d return to prison after doing so. Hatchin is devastated as they part but Michiko promises to meet one day in the future~

We are forwarded to the future with a grown Hatchin (probably late teens, early twenties) with a baby! She has a terrible haircut and a restless dark skinned red haired child with the toothiest grin.Michiko to Hatchin-22.mp4_snapshot_15.24_[2017.04.24_19.52.26]Clearly things didn’t pan out with Hatchin and her father who ran off with his new lover shortly after attempting to bond with Hatchin in their new life together (as expected from a useless man who runs from all his problems – Hatchin knew his true nature all along!) However she seems happy with her new life as a single mother, getting by. She attempted to write letters to Michiko in prison and in time she received anonymous packages and letters with from an anonymous sender.

She traced out the route on a map the packages hinted at and went off an adventure as she knew who was behind all this…Michiko to Hatchin-22.mp4_snapshot_16.58_[2017.04.24_19.53.18]She meets Michiko at the end of her route and they’re ready to start a new adventure together!Michiko to Hatchin-22.mp4_snapshot_22.05_[2017.04.24_19.53.45]I highly appreciated the realistic ending. Hatchin really was poorly raised from an abusive foster family to the complicated loving and abusive relationship with Michiko. All the characters in the series were damaged people who were the products of ruthless and unloving childhoods, they all made their own decisions and took their won turns. Hatchin becoming a single mother was a probable outcome having never seen a stable relationship but idolising the mother-daughter one she shared with Michiko those years ago. In the end they are all flawed human beings and if this anime taught us something it is the importance of giving children healthy childhoods!


End of Review~


[gg] Jormungand - 20 [D7F99C9C].mkv_snapshot_02.16_[2017.04.24_19.29.04]Koko has a plan that no one but the scientists involved seem to know about; she about to shake things up and change the world as we know it!…we think? All we know is it involves female scientists who happen to specialise in quantum optics, physics and robotics hardware…hmm?

We proceeded to fill in the time with suggested series…I know we’ve watched Episode of Arakawa Under the Bridge before but I like it! The humour does seem to go over many of your heads though and one found the Kappa scarring…(really?). It is simply about eccentric characters who live under a bridge and the adventures they get up to centered around this rich boy and highly narcissistic, Ko who hates owing people and the pretty but probably clinically insane girl “from Venus” Nino. [Nutbladder] Arakawa Under the Bridge 01 [2fabd769].mkv_snapshot_05.24_[2017.04.24_19.34.11]

It clearly was not as scarring as the next suggestion…Mysterious Girlfriend X! Funny enough there a very psoitive reviews for this on MAL but beware they are the same site that had good reviews for Simoun and all my members are still scarred…All I can say is if you’re queasy with bodily fluids (read: saliva) you should Not watch this! [GotSpeed] Nazo no Kanojo X - 01 [10bit][41427275].mkv_snapshot_19.37_[2017.04.24_19.32.58]

Ai Mai Mi was a short we banged on at the end before leaving…how did this get 3 seasons of 13 episodes?! We will never know…just watch it for yourself (not as scarring as Mysterios Girlfriend X)[HorribleSubs] Ai-Mai-Mi - 01 [480p].mkv_snapshot_00.29_[2017.04.24_19.30.17]


kuroshitsuji partyLast Anime Meeting Sunday 30th April (and my last meeting ever as Kaichou!) so please come – we will be finishing off Jormungand Perfect Order then have random play the rest of the time!

Until Next Time Minna, Ja ne~


One thought on “AGM Sunday! Re-cap and Announcements 23/04/17

  1. I honestly do not think Michiko and Hatchin’s relationship is abusive but complex and on both sides. In fact as any affective bond is full of ups and downs.

    * Hatchin in the end is 16 or 17 is still a teenager!

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